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DCD 9102
Sonicphonics "Zoot!" (CD)
    w/Geoff Serle, Jon Dobie, Adrian Northover, Colin McLean

DCD 9101
Tek-San Radio "Tek-San" (CD)
    w/Geoff Serle, Tim Crowther, poduced by Geoff Serle, artwork by Carlo Lucius Asciutti

DCD 9099
Endemonia Aeon (CD) "love is an insectoid..."
    w/Tim Staeglich, Anne Harder, Michael Imbusch, Thomas Knappmann,
    Choir parts performed by the "Ancient Arts Choir" at St. Catherines church

DCD 9098
Non Toxique Lost "Siga Siga" (CD, digi-pak)
    If I were psychoanalist I'd say these people have finally
    arrived to meet their own "self" or well, maybe it all is nothing
    but a trip that has gone bad. If you're not confidential with the band my
    suggestion is to start from "Siga Siga", nothing could be worse/better.

DCD 9097
Non Toxique Lost "/Bin/Med/USA" (CD, digi-pak)
    Obsessive patterns "industrial-style", old-fashioned-drum machines,
    analogue synth, filters and guitars, the vocals is both martial
    (...deutsche speakers' emphasis, how could we live without it!!)
    and visceral up to the different song, I think if you're into this style
    of music well you'll love it 'cause it's sexy or violent as it should be.

DCD 9084
Controlled Bleeding "Knees And Bones" (CD)
    1. Knees and bones LP 2: Knees power mix 3. Swallowing Scrap Metal Pt. 5 1/2
    originally released in 1985, liner notes by Paul Lemos, 1996

DCD 9070
Psychic TV "Electric Newspaper Issue Two" (CD)
    This CD is compiled from the audio archive of PSYCHIC TV, GENESIS P-ORRIDGE
    and TRANSMEDIA FOUNDATION. It is intended to be multi-functional and it is here
    to be re-used. The raw materials, loops, sonic maps and trance routines included
    may be listened to as a Kaotic entertainment; as a navigational exploration of brain
    and expectation; or as a resource to be sampled, reworked, adjusted and processed
    by other individuals for their own personal works and their own ends. Any and all
    interpretations are valid. This is NOT an indexed and formularised "Sampling CD".
    Rather , it is a description from a different perspective, of the eclectic and unique
    world which PSYCHIC TV and their Closet Collaborators have inhabited in various
    forms and incarnations from 1950 to the present. This is an ELECTRIC NEWSPAPER,
    a speculative publication deprogrammed to preserve and make accessible to the maximum
    number of participating travellers multiple brain-escapes, and audio-collisions in order
    to give the greatest potential stimuation and communication to all. "It's yours, because it's free!"
    PYSCHIC TV are: Larry Thrasher, Genesis P-Orridge
    A Division of Thee Transmedia Foundation Unlimited. This Issue was edited by
    23rd December 1994 to 23rd January 1995.
    "All is true, sampling is permitted"

DCD 9063
Various "Organism 01" (CD)
w/ DUR8 "Formations", ADHAM SHAIKH "Nomadic", "Modulus", SECT "Season five",
     MULHOUSE "Dirt", NIGEL "Maquinna", PILGRIMS OF THE MIND "Chase",
     DELERIUM "Desert" & KEITH AREM "Skinner (edit)"
     first published by ESOTERIC MUSIC, 1994
     9 songs, ambient, air, atmosphere, auro, character, complexio, feel, flavour,
     impression, milieu, mood, quality, setting, spirit, surroundings, tone
     the "organism" construction (on front cover) is by Bill Leeb & Rhys Fulber

DCD 9046
Psychic TV "Mein*Goett*In*Gen" (CD)
    live in Göttingen (Germany)  plus live tracks from "Atonal 2 Berlin 1983 festival"
    produced by G. P.-Orridge, 1987, cover photo by Walter Herbert
    liner notes by Andrew McKenzie (Hafler Trio), 1987