live at the KLANGBAD festival (Scheer, Germany), 2nd August 2008, 4:30 p.m.

the roster so far:

Faust | Mouse on Mars | Bernadette la Hengst & Band | Kammerflimmer Kollektief | Jolly Goods | Pram | Olafur Arnalds | Moebius (Cluster) | YWF | Food For Animals | Bob Rutman | ChristyandEmily | John Tchicai | Bleepgeeks | Frank Dommert | Lily L'Eclair & Violette Lapin | DJ Marcelle/Another Nice Mess | heyohansen | DJ Fett | Kiki Bohemia | G. | Die Matrosen | coconami | Hans Joachim Irmler | Markus Detmer | Roman Bunka | Pierre Favre | Kinderkrachorchester | The Petty Thefts | Mittekill | Miumi | Sanagi | NTL | Soap&Skin

flyer (pdf-file) (click here)

PA & lighting by Juice Lighting & Sound

thank you: Hans-Joachim Irmler (FAUST), KLANGBAD crew (for invitation & organization)

recording by Hans-Joachim Irmler ( FAUST-STUDIO), end-mix: JAMMIN' UNIT & Sea Wanton, 3/2009 Sea Wanton

images courtesy of: Anke, KLANGBAD, W. Robotka (KLANGGALERIE), I. Hartleb, et al.

Non Toxique Lost on stage were: Achim Wollscheid (guitar + electronic effects), T.Poem (laptop), Sea Wanton (sampling + vocals), C. Reichelt (viola + toys + sound-devices), plus: A. Laaf (background-noises) is on tour with his band called MAD SIN (click here to see him at the drums...) at the planned time)

song listing: 1. drahthaar/drittelzeit (unreleased) 2. buchenwald (from '/bin/med/usa', cd, Dossier) 3. everybody's darling (from '/bin/med/usa', cd, Dossier) 4. ritos y danzas (from 'reichstag lange nicht gebrannt', cd, Hic Rhodos - Hic salta) 5. ga leschi gambi (from 'terre et argent', lp, Wachsender Prozess) 6. dirndlstrich (from 'england ihren feinden schenken', cd, Hic Rhodos - Hic salta) 7. raum/room 16 (unreleased) 8. neues deutschland lied (from 'reichstag lange nicht gebrannt', cd, Hic Rhodos - Hic salta) 9. frobot (from 'reichstag lange nicht gebrannt', cd, Hic Rhodos - Hic salta) 10. münchen um 6 (from 'ogre-sse', lp, Vinyl On Demand)

Klangbad 2008 (liner-notes by Sea Wanton (march, 2009))

somewhen in 2007 an e-mail reaches Berlin. says: "...not so easy to get in contact with you. are you interested in playing the 'KLANGBAD festival' (in 2008) ?..." this short request is by H.-J. Irmler (a FAUST member), well known - but what about KLANGBAD ? where is "Scheer" located? after some mails ("...we need your technical rider, a contract, etc.) it's for sure: he's willing to listen to 'NON TOXIQUE LOST' at his festival in 2008. of course that means 1. to get a rehearsal room 2. to get in contact with F. Maier (the man of the 'Vinyl On Demand' -'VOD' label) to get a sleeping room 3. to talk to Achim Wollscheid to play the guitar on stage (A. Laaf, who is reponsible for some of the rhythm tracks, is on tour with his band called MAD SIN at the planned time) 4. and to organize a lift to the south of the republic. 'MONA MUR', who's living two blocks next to my flat, is now contacted for a rehearsal room. she gets some connection to the band 'NOBLESSE OBLIGE' and Sebastian (now: 'DIE WILDE JAGD') got a fine room in the 'Sonnenallee' (Berlin, Neukölln). there, a fine equipment is provided for us (to share) - thanks to both of you !!!!!!!!! using microfon, viola, laptop, sampling devices and some "sound-toys" we have to rehearse once a week, send the recording of the session to Achim Wollscheid (he's living in Frankfurt). he adds his sound of the guitar to the recording (the technique is called "overdubbing") and thus, we can discuss the results by internet. at the 1st of august, 2008, we meet early in the morning at the car-leasing station, load in our "minimal" (musical) equipment in the Mercedes and arrive (at night) in Friedrichshafen (near the "Bodensee"). very friendly recepted by F. Maier ('VOD'). T.poem has taken with him (as a gift) the "Der NEGER" (a fanzine out of the 80s, published by Walter E. Baumann), and I give to him the double-lp called "MANNHEIM LACHT" (a hard to find vinyl compilation from the 80s). the next day to 'Scheer' (excited phoning while we are driving: the organizers of the festival are us yet missing !!) short questioning and replying, we get our (the) festival-passes and catering-bons and we hand over some of our cds to their merchandise shop. friendly supporters carry our baggage to the backstage, to the tent of the musicians. get a little bit nervous (though the weather is fine - a bavarian summer showing his best face), since Achim Wollscheid didn't yet arrive, doesn't phone up. everything seems to be well organized. the main stage contains a huge PA, the side-stage is located in a tent next to it, there's a catering-station, beer to get, green lawn, tents and parking places. you don't miss ANYTHING !! no comparison to this mayhem, which we had to suffer at the festivals in the 80s. still 40 minutes to wait for the soundcheck - we have to play at 4:30 pm at the main stage. I have a smalltalk with one of the 'JOLLY GOODS' girls, ask her (they are also from Kreuzberg/Neukölln) for this pub and that pub etc. ten minutes before we start, Achim Wollscheid arrives at the tent (together with his girlfriend, named 'Anke'). hardly any time to have a beer before the performance (indeed, some beer without any alcohol is in the frigitary and some 'AFRI COLA' even available for T.poem !!). we carry the instruments on the stage. the stage crew "attacks" suddenly with technical questions. unfortunately they only talk english and I do some "denglish". though they never got to know our music, the are able to connect our devices to their mixing desks, very fast. 'Juice Lighting & Sound' is a professional bunch of guys (and girls). in front of the stage, the video cameras are driven around and around, while we have to check our sound ("is this really a soundcheck ?") at a very low volume-level (while there is a performance at the side-stage). Achim Wollscheid got some problems: he wants to play his guitar on two connected amplifiers but the right one (or the laptop in between) has broken down. only short before we are announced, the problem seems to be solved. anyway: we are announced. T.poem starts with the background-noises (prerecorded on his laptop) and we perform our (rehearsed) ten songs - as it was planned. in the audience there are F. Maier ('VOD'), W. Robotka ('KLANGGALERIE') plus companions and somewhen, at the breaks, we can listen to some applause - thanks a lot for your support !! after the last song, there are some "encore" shouts: but there's no other song left and the next band waits to enter the stage. one out of the audience approaches. is eager to get to know my profession ("...doing such a music !?"). my answer produces some astonishment. we put our gear from the stage, go to the backstage zone. now finally time to talk, to ??? finally I get the time to have a look at the festival estate, to eat something. until now, only met friendly people, but only until now. someone says "...what a bullshit you have played...". I don't reply. he wants to shake hands. "...though see you later". I don't reply furthermore. what could be said? thereafter, I meet H.-J. Irmler. only a short "hello". Achim Wollscheid hurries to get back to Frankfurt (artists seem to have too less time to enjoy life). in the evening the band FAUST performs. 'Krautrock', which has lost his chains. musicians without being afraid of the unknown (but comes to an end, as always, like a proof - for what? - as a noise happening). 'MOUSE ON MARS' is (only) something like "disco-music" of the techno-avantgarde. the next day we say goodbye to F. Maier, but pay another visit to the festival. short talk with BOB RUTMAN. comes also from Berlin. and this is also very fine: 3 of our cd-s are sold. back into the Mercedes, T.poem stops at Darmstadt (to visit his family) and C. Reichelt and me arrive at Berlin in the evening. drive the car into the parking house, throw the documents into the letter-box of the car-leasing-company, jump into the subway ("U-bahn"). in january, I get the recording of our performance by H.- J. Irmler (an 8-tracks(stereo) recording). with the help from 'Jammin' Unit' ('JAMMIN' MASTERS', 'AIR LIQUIDE') we compiled and mastered the tracks, and published a cd (which appeared on the label 'Klanggalerie'), later on.

line-up (from left to right): A. Wollscheid, S. Schütze, Sea Wanton, C. Reichelt

you can watch one song ('Neues Deutschland Lied') at: